Lena H. Nghiem

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Lena H. Nghiem

Hello! I’m Lena. Welcome to my writing website and higher calling—to carry the message of hope, healing, and recovery. I was a depressed, lost soul, and through the help of others, I found a new model of living that has profoundly changed my life for the better. I am indebted to those who guided me and were driven to pay it forward. The purpose of this space is to encourage others to look within, to help those suffering from loneliness, restlessness, and discontent, and to aid those struggling with anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addiction, trauma, mental illness, and suicidal ideation. I believe that when we honestly look at our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and belief systems—and work with them—we can alleviate the causes of our suffering and bring joy and happiness.


About Lena Nghiem

An Author and Spiritual Seeker

I live in San Jose, California, with my husband, David, and my four children: Evelyn-Skye, Dylan, Darin, and Nathan. I wouldn’t be here alive without their help and unconditional love. They show patience and caring and are not judgmental of my thoughts and actions. They don’t disregard or challenge my feelings. My husband and kids encourage me to talk with them, get treated by professionals, and seek spiritual help. My family is my world, and I love them so much. I am an autobiography writer, HR Professional, and Mental Health Advocate. I write content for myself and talk about mental illness and spiritual healing. My books can have a serious emotional impact on you. I write from my heart. I love documenting and writing many thoughts, feelings, and emotions vital to mind healing.

"Being true to yourself also involves showing and sharing emotion. The spirit that motivates most great storytellers is “I want you to feel what I feel,” and the effective narrative is designed to make this happen. That’s how the information is bound to the experience and rendered unforgettable."

I stepped onto the spiritual path for one reason and one reason only insufferable pain and confusion. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t act normally, and then I learned I was suffering from bipolar disorder 1, dissociative identity disorder (DID), anxiety disorder, and chronic depression/manic. I thought life was over then I discovered a love for writing and an ability to express my thoughts and feelings in a way only I can understand. This, in addition to a supportive and loving family, became my solid ground and solace. That is to say. Without them, I would have likely wound-up dead. Seriously. My writing is based on self-knowledge consisting of significant essential events that help define who I am to myself and others. I write books as a part of my healing experience. As an autobiographical author, I draw upon memories of episodes in my life to project a sense of self through writing and craft a persona that, whether true or not, I hope my readers will accept as my authentic self. I narrate life stories with high, low, and turning points.

Sharing the Love

Sweet Compliments from Readers!
F.B. Lee Author

"I have been truly blessed to read Lena Nghiem's autobiography Touched by Light. I give it a full five-star rating or six if that is possible. I have never read a book that touched my heart and melted my soul like her book. Through her true-life agony, she truly exposes two topics that need to be brought to light: mental illness and Faith. Through her testimony, she delves into the realm of mental illness and explains through her painstaking suffering the feeling of being trapped in herself by her illness and her long road to recovery. Let alone doing her best to raise a family along the way. The softness of her heart is shown through the words she uses to express her frustration while battling her illness and worrying over the chaos it caused her family and friends. The strength of her love for her children, husband, and friends would force her to find the answers she so desperately needed by seeking God. The power and inspiration she found filled my heart with light and love that overpowered me and put me on my knees. I wept with her in pain and felt the uplifting light when she found God or He found her. Her gift of prayer in this book will truly overpower you and take your Faith to a new level. This inspirational book will leave your heart touched by the angels and has brought me out of hiding. Never in my life have I found the nerve to write reviews, but this book showed me the light. I want to thank Lena for sharing her story with me, and I hope her words touch your soul as they touched mine. Her testimony has shown me that God is all around us, and He hears our prayers. Thank you for sharing your miracle with the world. God bless."

Mina Millen My Spirituality Contemporary Counselor

To help me with healing, empowerment, and transformation. “DID: the beautiful gift of a broken heart. Wow, Lena, the beauty of loving with a divided heart! Yes, girl, remove the stigma! I appreciate your passion. You're sharing your healing encounters with God. He's giving you the strength to forgive those who don't understand. I heard a saying that I'd never forget helped my rejection wounds. "Your tribe wants what you have" to me. There are people out there hungry for what you're learning. You go, girl! It all makes sense, Lena. Thank you for trusting us. I feel so blessed to know how to love better and that God had you in mind and you’re healing. It's just fantastic for me and Lora to have front-row seats. I love that your writing is flowing. It's a song to get it out. It makes sense that you're thinking, what's going on? I can already tell you that I love your passion, how deep you're going, and how God's just using your high energy to get this out on paper. I just read your intro to the book. Very easy to read and understandable. Excellent, and I am intrigued. "I write what I feel from my heart. I'm just telling it like it is. I love it.”

Benihien Powell My Spiritual Mentor and Mother-In-Christ

"I had the privilege to watch Lena's life transform in the past eighteen months. Lena went from being a Christian unbeliever to a Christian believer, from a sicker to a seeker, from disabled and manic to becoming a writer with an amazing mind. More so, she moved from distancing from God and is now a daughter of God. Her book tells it all. It is an honor for me to know and learn about Lena's journey toward total healing. Lena is a survivor. She is determined and willing to search for more. She has a strong character that has contributed significantly to her healing today. The medicine helps to suppress and subdue the manic bipolar condition, but they don't heal. It is the power of God that heals. Ironically, the same illness that had tormented Lena for years became a tool for Lena to control and be creative. Co Hien has valuable spiritual wisdom to share and teaches me to understand my Spiritual Identity. Blessed are those who read this book and are willing to search for more of God. He loves you and is ready to give more if you search for Him."

Lora Manville My Spiritual Guru /HeartSync Educator | Lay Minister

"Disassociation is a gift of grace to survive pain and trauma. My favorite is Love Again with a Divided Heart. Loving Again: The Freedom and Power of a divided heart. This will be the most influential book, Lena, and give hope to millions. You are a genius. Lena, always, Faith—believing in the LORD and believing He believes in you, loves you perfectly, especially in our broken-heartedness, accepts it, uses it for His glory and our healing and redemption, is the gospel’s message. God and Jesus, the LORD, redeemed creation through broken and mended hearts and minds. I think this book will be decisive. What a privilege to know and love you, Lena. The LORD will bless this book. You are a gifted and anointed writer and will be used by the LORD to help bring healing to his lovely and sound creation. I believe it."

Carole Kushnir Owner of HK Enterprises/Supercut |Former Boss

"I learned a lot from reading this story about Lena. Her brave telling of her long road to recovery inspires those struggling with mental illnesses. Lena, the book is very well written. You have been through a lot, and it shows. You are very thoughtful and considerate. You should be proud of her work."

Alison Imbriaco Professional Editor

“Lena offers motivation and hopes to readers with mental illness. Opening her heart to share her experiences and reactions encourages readers to trust God, themselves, and caring medical professionals. At the same time, the book offers valuable insight to readers who live with or care for loved ones or friends with mental illness, especially the bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder that Lena struggles with."

Luce Wood Author

"Your book cover, I visualize a person who has conquered her obstacles and is now on top of her metaphorical mountain, arms extended in celebration/praise and welcoming others inspired by her story. If that was accurate, and it is what you were trying to convey, YOU GOT IT. Anyone needing a pick-me-up story or who wants to read a book about a positive outcome in the uncertain times we live in will reach for this book."

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