Lena H. Nghiem

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Lena H. Nghiem

Hello! I’m Lena. Welcome to my writing website and higher calling—to carry the message of hope, healing, and recovery. I was a depressed, lost soul, and through the help of others, I found a new model of living that has profoundly changed my life for the better. I am indebted to those who guided me and were driven to pay it forward. The purpose of this space is to encourage others to look within, to help those suffering from loneliness, restlessness, and discontent, and to aid those struggling with anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addiction, trauma, mental illness, and suicidal ideation. I believe that when we honestly look at our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and belief systems—and work with them—we can alleviate the causes of our suffering and bring joy and happiness.


My Visualization of Me

I started writing books because it helps me visualize myself becoming the person I want to be by using my books as a powerful tool to keep me focused. When focusing on something, I command my mind (whether I am aware of it or not). My mind is looking for ways to extract that command I gave. Why? Because my bipolar brain doesn’t know the difference, it will drive me to focus on making it happen. So I understand now that it will happen whenever I tell myself things will go wrong. My mind will look for the things that I tend to look for. If I think negatively, my mind will look for the negative. It is essential to understand that the same effect my mind has on a negative thought will be as powerful as positive thinking. So planning and brainstorming what to write in my books, I want to identify the feeling I want and practice this feeling in real-time. I don’t need to wait to complete the books or wait for my life changes to feel good. I’m choosing to feel good now. It’s important to understand because that gives me motivation. I don’t need a condition to feel happy. Just imagination is enough to give my brain the sensation that it’s real. Let me share this about why I love butterflies. I read somewhere about it that has impacted me deeply. The process in which the caterpillar becomes a butterfly is called metamorphosis. While life happens, I, as a caterpillar, stay in a cocoon inside my mind. Finally, there was a breakthrough, and my transformation was inspiring in many ways. It teaches me that change can lead to excellent results, even though it might be long and complicated. It also teaches me the importance of letting go of the old to embrace the new and helps me understand the value of patience, perseverance, and growth. We can go within ourselves to dissolve old forms and morph, rebuilding and evolving ourselves. The importance of surrender and trust is part of the essential process of growth and renewal. I won’t keep a secret about how connecting to a higher power feels. I will share my being taught to go spirituality deeper and how I am being trained to be part of something greater. I pray for more knowledge because I want to seek more in life now that my mind and body have recovered. I want to give back by helping others find healing and guiding them to find inner peace. Think deeper it is all about the secret to attaining the power that comes from within.

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