Lena H. Nghiem

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Lena H. Nghiem

Hello! I’m Lena. Welcome to my writing website and higher calling—to carry the message of hope, healing, and recovery. I was a depressed, lost soul, and through the help of others, I found a new model of living that has profoundly changed my life for the better. I am indebted to those who guided me and were driven to pay it forward. The purpose of this space is to encourage others to look within, to help those suffering from loneliness, restlessness, and discontent, and to aid those struggling with anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addiction, trauma, mental illness, and suicidal ideation. I believe that when we honestly look at our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and belief systems—and work with them—we can alleviate the causes of our suffering and bring joy and happiness.


June 2023

What It Was Like to Experience Psychosis

There are a few important things I want people to better understand about psychosis. People with psychotic disorders aren’t inherently violent or irrational; they experience reality differently than others—often temporarily. My psychotic episode started with mixed moods, where I was manic, irritable, and depressed. Even when I’m manic, I still suffer, as the manic energy […]

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My Transformation is Transpiring With Guidance From Coach Brit Tafoya, the Weight Warrior Woman

I’m so excited to sign up to get help and hopefully transform my mind & body. Weight Loss Mastery (WLM) is an in-depth transformation program focused on healing the relationship with food, eating for weight loss and better health, and making lasting lifestyle changes. Weight Loss Mastery is built on 3 Pillars: Nourishment, Precision, and

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I Survived.

When I was two years old, my family were refugees escaping from Vietnam on a boat traveling to America. I was asleep in my mother’s arms when my pants got caught in the motor, and the blades cut my leg. I was bleeding profusely in the middle of the ocean at night, and I almost

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Everlasting Love

David Nghiem, for always understanding me better than anyone else. He genuinely managed to help me overcome all the tribulations without complaining. If I did not have my dear husband, I would not be where I’m today. Maybe I would have succumbed to pain and pressure while battling sickness. I cannot thank him enough, for

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Qualifications Summary

I am a Human Resources Professional with 15+ years of progressively responsible positions in Human Resources. I am experienced in HR driving customer satisfaction and collaboration with employees, Managers, Directors, and Owners. History of achieving results in innovative, dynamic, fast-paced organizations, using assertive communication, analytical, and project management skills. I am self-motivated, take the initiative,

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