Lena H. Nghiem

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Lena H. Nghiem

Hello! I’m Lena. Welcome to my writing website and higher calling—to carry the message of hope, healing, and recovery. I was a depressed, lost soul, and through the help of others, I found a new model of living that has profoundly changed my life for the better. I am indebted to those who guided me and were driven to pay it forward. The purpose of this space is to encourage others to look within, to help those suffering from loneliness, restlessness, and discontent, and to aid those struggling with anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addiction, trauma, mental illness, and suicidal ideation. I believe that when we honestly look at our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and belief systems—and work with them—we can alleviate the causes of our suffering and bring joy and happiness.


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Everlasting Love

David Nghiem, for always understanding me better than anyone else. He genuinely managed to help me overcome all the tribulations without complaining. If I did not have my dear husband, I would not be where I’m today. Maybe I would have succumbed to pain and pressure while battling sickness. I cannot thank him enough, for

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Qualifications Summary

I am a Human Resources Professional with 15+ years of progressively responsible positions in Human Resources. I am experienced in HR driving customer satisfaction and collaboration with employees, Managers, Directors, and Owners. History of achieving results in innovative, dynamic, fast-paced organizations, using assertive communication, analytical, and project management skills. I am self-motivated, take the initiative,

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Book of Job

I reread the Book of Job, which was difficult to read and understand, but I felt so much pain and suffering as I read through it. Job suffered so much that it made me cry. While he does not know why he suffers, God tests him to bring his pain and grief to God and

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Fear vs. Faith

I understood that fear is the same spiritual force as faith but moving in reverse gear. Whereas religion is produced by hearing God’s words, fear comes from hearing and believing wrong things. Fear is a twisted form of faith; it is faith in the enemy’s ability to harm. Fear and faith are mutually exclusive and,

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